Research Sandpit Event 2017


Our vision

To create enthusiasm for trainee-led research in Anaesthesia/ACCS and ICM in the West Midlands

To provide trainees with knowledge and tools to help them achieve their own objectives within their research training.


To provide trainees with an outline of the processes required to undertake research in the clinical setting including research design, funding and permissions.

To develop future research project ideas for delivery by WMTRAIN members.


The outline development of four research protocols – to include research questions and aims, plain english summary, methodology, patient and public involvement, timeline, permissions and funding.

Presentation of posters presenting the above by each of four groups, for critique and plans to take forward.


The scenario for the day ass that a national medical research funding body, The National Institute for Trainee-Led Research (NIFTLeR) had issued a call for outline research proposals for a grant of up to £50000. This grant could cover any research costs, including staff time, laboratory costs, database set up and consumables.

Research Themes

Theme 1: In patients suffering from acute liver failure, high volume plasma exchange (HPV) will result in a reduction in serum levels of lipo-polysaccharide (LPS). 

Mentors: Dr Bill Tunnicliffe, Dr Nick Cowley

Theme 2: In patients suffering from acute major trauma, pain management is unsatisfactory.

Mentors: Dr Charlotte Small, Dr Emily Johnson

Theme 3: Current working conditions have a detrimental effect on junior doctors’ capacity to make effective decisions

Mentors: Prof Julian Bion, Dr Clutton-Brock

Theme 4: Strategies could be introduced to which reduce the long term adverse sequelae of delirium following critical illness or major surgery 

Mentors: Dr Joyce Yeung, Dr Laura Tulloch

Grant application

To include:

Stakeholders: The name and contact details of the principal investigator and list of proposed co-investigators.

• A plain English summary of the research.

• A brief background section together with research aims/questions.

• A description of the proposed methods.

• A brief overview of plans for patient and public involvement.

• An overview of project timelines and required funding

• An overview of the permission process they intend to follow

The Results!




Version 2

Thank you to everyone who attended the event,

The Charles Hastings Education Centre at Worcester Royal Hospital for hosting us

and to MoneyDoctor for their generous sponsorship